Some Ideas and Resources for GP Educators


COT Mapping Grid This is a grid for mapping COT assessments. You can use it to record the assessment level for each competency area, then for a future COT choose to discuss competency areas which are not yet assessed as 'Competent'. You can then select areas to aim for 'Excellence'. It can also help to ensure you discuss a wide variety of types of patient and consultation.

CBD Mapping Grid This is a grid for mapping CBD assessments, in a similar way.

CBD Ideas and Tips offers a few ideas about how a Case Based Discussion assesses aspects of the GP curriculum, and suggests some ideas for making a CBD effective.

CBD Preparation is a template which can be used to plan some questions to assess a few competencies during a CBD.

There are many more excellent resources about CBD and COT on the Bradford VTS Website which also has a numerous resources for all aspects of GP training.

For detailed advice about the requirements of Work Place Based Assessments, see the Royal College of General Practice Website.