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Some ideas and resources for GP Educators when Planning educational Events for Doctors

When planning an Educational Event for Doctors, it is useful to consider the details of who will be the participants, and what are their current learning needs. Rather than just do a standard teaching session, we can consider what the participants would like to learn. We can then decide our key Aims and Objectives for the session, and plan suitable activities to achieve the learning. Activities which involve participation are usually more effective in enabling the learners to learn.

Tips for Presenting is a brief handout of some ideas when preparing a learning session, including some tips for using PowerPoint well.

Planning Template for Educational Event This is a template that helps us plan a learning event, designed for those who have not had training about teaching methods. It is a blank template which helps us to identify our Aims and Objectives for the session, and then consider the best methods of delivering what we want the learners to learn.

Chairing large educational events Here are some notes and ideas for how the Chair of an educational event can get the best out of the expert speaker, so that the participants learn effectively.

Using Zoom to play music Although the default settings of Zoom are great for speech, if we want to play music we need to change some advanced settings to enable transmission of good quality sound. These notes explain how to change the settings.

The Essential Handbook for GP Training and Education is an excellent book and website with many ideas for planning and delivering educational sessions for medical people.